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Bird Pressure

  What's that?

Light Pressure Site

Light pressure sites are take it or leave it type of sites for pest birds. They may stop by occasionally after a meal to take in the warmth of the morning or afternoon sun, like on the top of a parapet wall or roof top ridge. The lack of a food source or shelter makes it a casual, daytime loafing site.


Medium Pressure Site

Birds are less committed to a medium pressure site. This is most likely an area where they observe food opportunities, like a garbage dumpster, or rest in the afternoon. They like being at this site for many reason and they are fairly committed to this site, but they don't nest there.


High Pressure Site

Birds are very committed to a high-pressure site. Chances are they were born on the exact site, thus they consider this site (usually a protected roost) to be home. High pressure sites always provide the bird with shelter from the elements and are the hardest to bird proof.





Pest Birds That You May Encounter around your home or business


 Pest birds which are generally considered a nuisance under certain circumstances are pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings,  woodpeckers, grackles and crows.

- Install fountains & lagoon-style pools with an easy slope or water access.   
- Leave dog food or water out during the day.    
- Lawn seeding or thatching - free food for all the birds in the area.
- Allow overgrowth on palm trees - great protected nesting.
- Standing water at base of planters - easy water access
- Feeding wild birds - pigeons will push small birds out.
- Having a home or business with pillars, roof overhangs, signage or A/c units  that provide protected nest sites and not calling Arizona Wings N' Stings when the first few birds move in and start to nest.


Pigeon   Swallow
Sparrow   Starling
Woodpecker   Crow
Click on a bird picture above for more information and detail Grackle


Why Control pest birds?

The accumulation of droppings in some of these species in particular are unsightly, effecting the image of the building, causing damage to products, eating away at concrete or brick surfaces, metals and painted surfaces and can be a safety and health liability or slip and fall hazard to you, your family, customers and employees alike. 

   To gain control of most birds it's necessary to look at what they are doing to create a nuisance. Are they nesting on the roof tops, under the eaves or Ac units or are they on some part of the structures where the droppings are landing in an undesirable location like the entryway to a home or business creating slip and fall hazards and liabilities.

   Then the decision has to be made on the correct deterrent or exclusion method or methods to be used so the pest bird will not return to that location. Some bird exclusion or deterrent Products work better than others in a given situation, that's why it is so important to know the type and habits of the pest bird you are dealing with as well as being knowledgeable in many exclusion or deterrent systems to get the best effective results visually and budget wise in correcting  the pest bird problem.

Check out the Chart on the different types of parasites and infectious diseases associated with nuisance pest birds.

Check out these Dirty bird pictures

Any questions about nuisance birds you may want to check out our FAQ section.


   Please keep in mind that in most cases, pigeons or birds that you see nesting on your property, have done so for a long time before you see them and it may take a few days to many weeks for the nesting or the very dedicated birds to move away. If the bird was born at the site it is even harder. When birds try to get past our work, then realize that there is no longer any comfortable places to set up residence, they will usually move away from your property to another unprotected location on your building or if all locations are closed off they will move to another structure or building. Birds are living creatures with small brains that operate mostly by habit and instinct. No one can predict what they will do or where they will go.

   In short - The best method of eradication on a structure is simply taking away the nesting and roosting sites making it too hard or uncomfortable for the pest birds to stay on your property.


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