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FACT: Pigeons on a roof top can reduce the life of the roof 20% or more





Call us today we can solve your pigeon problems by cleaning under the units and closing off the access so that pigeons can't nest under the units and then add live trapping to the clean and close service and get rid of most all of the flying rats on your roof top.





Pigeon Bird Control for Commercial Cooling & HVAC Units

Pigeons just love to nest under large HVAC units on commercial building as well as swamp coolers and smaller air conditioners that are mounted up on 4x4 wooden blocks.

A/c units and other coolers allow just enough room for the pigeons to nest under the protection of the units and get out of the sun.

Leave the swamp pads and cover off of just 1 old swamp cooler on your warehouse and you have provided enough nesting space for 1/2 a dozen mated pairs of pigeons or more,rolex replica watches which means that you will have dozens of pigeons on your roof top in a short period of time plus add in the fact that pigeons are flocking birds and so other pigeons flying by will stop and move in to be close to a flock of other like minded pigeons and then it gets really bad from there.


Below are some samples of larger HVAC units


Large HVAC commercial unit with netting installed over the top to exclude the pigeonsStand Off brackets

 They are mounted on the corners of the unit and support a perimeter cable approximately 2 feet above and 2 feet out from the outside edge of the unit. Two additional cables are installed diagonally from the end of each standoff support arm (corner to corner) to support the standoff arms and to provide support to the net in the middle of the unit, this insures that the net will not sag down onto the equipment


Large HVAC unit netted for pigeon exclusionOn smaller units a cable tension system holds the standoff brackets securely in place allowing installation without penetration of the HVAC unit with screws. Adding two sheet metal screws per corner adds strength. Larger units with spans greater than 10 feet should have sheet metal screws used to fasten the standoff to the unit.


   The protective net is net ringed to the supporting perimeter cable and down the corner seams. The weighted line is also net ringed securely to the bottom of the net to insure a clean and tight installation.



Very large commercial HVAC units like at this bottling plant sometimes need a lot more than just small brackets, then need a complete structure built around the units to attach netting to and stop the birds from getting sucked into the machinery.

We can help you with just about any type of bird problem -

BIG or small - We do it all...


A zipper can be installed in the net to allow access to the interior of the protection system.rolex replica In the second example described here a 6' zipper is installed that allows easy access for maintenance.



   Pigeons discovered this Hvac retro fit and started building nests under the roof overhang and under the duct work
   We had to build a frame to support the netting and install a cable system to attach the netting
   Netting was installed over the duct work so the pigeons could not get under.

Zippers were installed for maintenance personnel to change filters and access the lower areas of the duct work

   On some of the rubberized roofing we could not attach the lower netting to the roof deck so we had to use weighted chain.


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