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We have tried to make our site as informative as possible for our readers. We hope this helps you get a better understanding of what products and solutions are available for your pesky pigeon and bird control problems.

We feel that a knowledgeable customer is better equipped to see the quality of our work and then make a more informed decision.



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Factoid: A single pigeon will dispenses 25 lb's of excrement a year, how many pigeons do you have living on your roof or hanging around your property?





In Tucson, Casa Grande, Kingman, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Lake Havasu, Flagstaff, Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada commercial bird control projects only.


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We want to be your pigeon control or bird control Specialists. 

Serving Henderson, Las Vegas Nevada and all of Arizona.   

NO Single Family Residential work in the Las Vegas area Only Commercial Buildings

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We are a family owned and operated company specializing in providing Humane, Effective, Discrete and Guaranteed Bird and Pigeon Control Solutions for commercial and industrial business's throughout Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

   While pigeon control and bird control work in Las Vegas Nevada is associated with the pest control industry controlling pigeons and other pest birds in Las Vegas, Nevada requires completely different tools, methods, equipment and knowledge than pest control services and is very different than controlling pests like ants, crickets, roaches or termites.

We are specialists and have excluded pigeons and other birds from many unusual types of structures like freeway underpasses, gas station canopies, cooling towers, billboards, parking garages, casinos, libraries, multi-story buildings, warehouses, hangars, hospitals and many other structures where pigeons and other pest birds had become a problem be it a health issue, building image problem or a liability and hazard problem with slip and falls hazards

   Call us today toll free at 1-877-828-2473 for an inspection and evaluation on how we can help you put an end to the hazards and liabilities associated with pest birds on your property.

In Las Vegas at the Clark County Detention Center doing pigeon control netting


    It takes an experienced specialist to do the job right the 1st time,Best Replica Watches so that what ever pigeon control or bird control or exclusion type product is installed on your business in Las Vegas will be effective and last for many years to come.

Would you hire a dentist to fix your car? 

 Then why hire a bug guy to fix your pesky pigeon problems! 


  As the hands on owner of Arizona Wings N' Stings LLC, I should know how different it is.  After owning my own pest control company in Arizona for 16 years and then selling it to one of the largest pest management companies in the world in order to spend all of our time doing pigeon and bird control for all kinds of buildings and structures in Arizona and Nevada.

 Training & Experience means "We do the job right, the 1st time"

 All of us here at Wings N' Stings enjoy what we do and it shows in our work, the effective results we get for our clients and the many referrals we get from our 1000's of satisfied customers

Azwns bird control crew - ready to help you with your bird or pigeon control problems

Guaranteed Products - Guaranteed Workmanship

- Guaranteed Results -

Big job or Small job, We Can Do It All.

   Contact Us today to see about scheduling an inspection of your commercial property in Las Vegas, Nevada and see how we can help you stop all the noise and associated mess pigeons and birds create as well as the problems of possible slip & fall dangers or health hazards associated with pest birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings that may be roosting or nesting on your Las Vegas Nevada business.

Call Us Today for commercial business in Las Vegas and the Southwester states at 1-877-828-2473 



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