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Contact us today to see about scheduling an inspection of your property and see how we can help you stop all the noise and mess as well as the possible slip & fall dangers or health hazards associated with pest birds that may be roosting or nesting on any of your properties.







Pigeon Control Exclusion with Bird Slide or Bird Slope


 When Total Ledge Exclusion is a Must

  As most bird control experts know, where there are ledges there is heavy pressure (nesting birds) which could demand an exclusion system, and netting may be visually unacceptable.

 Bird Slide/ Slope completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can?t get a grip and slide right off the ledge the 45 degree + angle.

Designed to Disappear
When color matched to the structure, BirdSlide usually looks like it?s a part of the building. It comes in gray or beige, but can be painted to match any color.

Made from UV stabilized polycarbonate, this product will be in service far longer than its five-year warranty.




Swallow Control using Bird Slope or Bird Slide

Swallows build their nest along the top of the wall near the roof overhand so that they can secure their nests to the wall and overhang.  

Swallows building their nests under the eave overhangs on a home
Eaves closed off so that the swallows can't build their nests

Replica Watches

   Cross section of BirdSlide on a small ledge


Parking garage bird control and pigeon control solutions

  Parking garage ledge with pigeon nest     Parking garage ledge with bird slide keeps pigeons from nesting  Parking Garage ledges

   Parking garages often have a problem with the pigeons nesting on the upper ledges of the garage when they are constructed as a stack system garage.

 A 4' wide by 12" ledge is created with ever section or about 2 for every parking space in the garage.

Pigeon nesting on a ledg in a parking garage   The pigeons will nest in these areas and poop all over the cars and trucks and they come in or go out of the garage.

  Netting off all the openings to the garage will reduce the problem,  but Bird slide is the cheapest long term solution to this nesting problem.

   Jeep parked all day gets lots of pigeon poop on the hood


  Using Bird slide for closing off most all the nesting site ledges in the garage will take just about all the reason for the birds to be in there which will help in reducing the amount of droppings and money spent to clean it up and or repair or clean cars.


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