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One-stop access to US Government avian and pandemic flu information. ... Flyway map demonstrates how migratory birds blanket North America.
Facts about previous flu pandemics, and key facts about bird flu and the avian influenza A (H5N1) virus. - Carl Hayden Bee Research Information



Professional Pest Management Alliance and NPMA

Arizona Pest Professional Organization -  www.AZPPO.ORG

Structural Pest Control Commission  Arizona State pest control regulators and board

Pest Control Technology Magazine and information

This special multimedia Web companion to the three-week NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids. URL:

Insect web site: Insect and Pest Series Index. OHIOLINE.OSU.EDU.
You can pick your insect / pest in alphabetical order. Many entomologists refer to this sight, it has a big insect library, and the information is easily found.

Medical site

Entomological Society of America
Why we like it: Like the association itself, the ESA site offers a range of information and services ? everything from entomologist job postings to insect biology basics.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Why we like it: The site takes visitors step-by-step through a range of business topics, from getting started to marketing strategies.

National Federation of Independent Business
Why we like it: As the self-proclaimed "Voice of Small Business," this group takes its charge to represent entrepreneurs in government seriously.

Pest Network's Industry Regulatory Agencies

Why we like it: Although we like all of what has to offer, we chose this page in particular because it lists state industry regulatory agencies' contact information in detail.

Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
Why we like it: RISE's newly redesigned uses science-based information to help dispel myths about pesticides.

U.S. EPA Pesticides Page
Why we like it: The Environmental Protection Agency's pesticide site includes an A-to-Z index; grant information, data broken down by state and region and even a page for children. Although industry and agency officials may not always agree, it's important to see what information the EPA offers and use it as warranted.

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