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IWC Replica Watches

Coins and skulls are not new to horology. The earliest mechanical timekeeping clocks were made from "Memento Mori" skulls and skeletons. Javelot, Thomas White and James Harmar provided skull clocks to a variety of clients, not just medical professionals.

Because of their unique shape and value, coins begged to have their hollowed out to either hold a smaller, more complete pocket watch or act as the case, accepting a dial and movement. They were popularized by many renowned makers, including Gubelin and Movado, Audemars Piguet and Cartier.

Wristwatches were even more obvious a subject for housing in a coin, thanks to the smaller calibres, but skulls-as-wristwatches - or merely decorating them - are more recent. IWC Replica Watches existed long before skulls became fashionable. Houses such as Bell & Ross and Fiona Kruger used them to decorate their dials with skulls.IWC Replica Watches Kruger's skull is, erm, the case.

IWC Replica Watches used skulls during the Bubble's first decade. This foreshadowed 2005's skull for metiers des art purposes. The Classical Vanitas presented a skull made from marquetry-work thirteen years ago. It was made of stone and marble parts that were carefully cut to fit together as a mosaic.

IWC Replica Watches has been making coin watches since 1964, and the coin-as a-wristwatch cases for more than 50 years. The Coin Watch is powered by either a thin manual-wind or quartz replica watches It can be fitted inside a $20 or $10 "Double Eagle", or a $10 Liberty coin for a dial.

The Heritage Artisans Coin Watch was clearly created for one of these plutocrats, oligarchs or billionaires. This unique update to the genre features a skull, very rock 'n roll, and a denim belt. So, add to the list successful band managers, promoters, or drug sellers.

IWC Replica Watches selected a US dollar silver dollar and had it hand-decorated with an skull. It is solid and can easily be given to someone who loves the Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden, or other bands that have skeletal logos. Keep going.

Technical Specifications


Calibre CO 082 Automatic showing of hours and minutes


Made from a US Silver Dollar Coin, 43mm in diameter


Blue denim