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"What's that? Who is this fool? The miscreant is blathering horological gibberish from his clearly irreparably impaired medulla Oblongata. It's obvious that he is trying to sell a pedestrian Omega chronograph (ref. His website clearly sells these watches at 311. I have never witnessed such a vile and deplorable act of shilling. Author, I am stomping my fingers at you and decrying to the heavens the word "mendacity!"

It is almost hard to imagine the jaw-quivering expression this article's title may cause upon Instagram's most prolific pundits. However, I still believe the question is valid. Three reasons are the most important:

First, it is easy to recognize from across the room like the Paul Newman Daytona, which is the favorite baller watch of Ellen DeGeneres and any other hedge funder who has become a vintage watch expert.IWC Portuguese Replica The distinctive red and white racing motif radiating around the Tintin's minute track makes the Omega Speedmaster dial unique. It's true. It's true. Even a cataract patient would spot Tintin in a darkened room. The dial configuration is so distinctive and attractive that even a new recipient of cataract surgery could see it. It is rare to find another modern horological visual identity.

Second, Tintin's name is immediately recognizable. It means something in every culture of literacy on the planet. Tintin, like Paul Newman, evokes a sense of reverence and nostalgia in all of us. Georges Remi, the character's creator was deeply affected by the Nazi invasion of his home country Belgium at the beginning of WWII. Tintin was in many ways a resistance to what he saw as absolute evil. He is also associated with ethics,breitling replica watches adventure and spirit of adventure, much like Newman. Tintin is cool.

Tintin is a fighter against injustice and his friends are always there to help him. He is also incredibly courageous. There is a noticeable absence of female characters in Tintin's life. His best friends include a fluffy white dog called Snowy (Milou, in the original French). And a curmudgeonly, alcoholic Sailor named after an oily fish species, Archibald Haddock. Tintin, the diminutive, has always reminded of Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier of WWII, a 5'5" Marine who held off a whole company of German soldiers at Colmar pocket in France at the age of 19. We all know that it's not the size or the fighting in the dog that matters, but how big the dog is in the fight.