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IWC Aquatimer Replica

Let's now compare that to the number of Paul Newman Daytonas produced. Auction experts will haggle but it is believed that there are low numbers of exotic dial Rolex Daytonas with all screw and pump pushers configurations. The number of Daytonas produced each year increases based on the slow, methodical pace at which the little old man cranks them out. That last bit is a joke, dude. Je blague. Je blague.

The point is, as I said, Tintins are rare, but not rare enough to be hard-to-find. The best thing is that Omega can check your watch's serial number by requesting an extract from their archives.Replica Watches This will ensure it's originality. Another visual clue is that all Tintins have the Moonwatch writing printed in red on the back of their watch cases.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Reference 145.022 Caseback, 1969 (Source:

IWC Aquatimer Replica Caseback (Image (c) Revolution)

Tintin's dial is a visually striking anomaly that makes a sports watch as iconic as the Daytona. The original Omega Speedmaster with the tachymeter at its bezel was the first timepiece to pass NASA's rigorous testing.

The Tintin has a hesalite clear crystal that gives it vintage appeal. The manual wind Caliber 1861 is found inside, a modern version of the caliber 861 that was used in the watches that went into space in 1968. This keeps the Omega Speedmaster's profile appealingly slim.

Omega Caliber 1861

Even though the IWC Aquatimer Replica is on the rise, it's still very affordable. Unworn, unworn NOS watches with factory seals on bracelet and case are available for around $6,000.Chopard Replica This is approximately 1/100th of the price of a Mark 1 Paul Newman Daytona. Last, I'd like to mention that although the watch looks great with its stainless steel bracelet, it really comes alive when combined a NATO strap with red and black stripes, which is what I prefer.